GET SOME FOR DARKHORSE MARINES – Got 5K for Joey Lopez-Pratti and his fallen and surviving brothers of the 3/5 Marines.

The 5K Run-Walk raises funds for the Darkhorse Lodge, a retreat ranch for Marinés recovering from the wounds, seen and unseen, of the fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11.

“This is what we do to turn our hurt into help,” Joey’s brother, Arthur Pratti, told the 200 runners assembled.

Joey Lopez-Pratti, part of great Rosamond family of Christian faith, was one of 25 Marines killed in 2010 deployment of 3/5 Marines in Sangin Province. Additionally 184 wounded with three dozen to amputation from Improvised Explosive Devices. Among the hardest tours of duty for Post 9/11 Marines against Taliban.

Rogue One MC of Rosamond cycled out as escort from start line. Jin Hur, Tony Tortolano and Juan Blanco cooked up burritos to serve before and after as support from Crazy Otto’s Diner Avenue I and Coffee 4 Vets.

Julia and I suited up and made the course. Our times? Don’t ask, but we finished.

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