Greatest Generation

Violet Ochsner, one of America’s greatest Moms, and mother of four wonderful daughters, best friend and bride to WWII 101st Airborne veteran Henry Ochsner, has left us. Married to Henry (D. September 2019) for more than 70 years. Pictured with daughters Sandy, Susan and Lenelle. Sister Jackie not in photo. Photo September 2017 at Los

COVID-19 Vaccine

Veterans As of Tuesday this week January 12, 2021, the Veterans Administration, West Los Angeles Campus is offering COVID-19 vaccine for veterans 75 years and older. To set an up an appointment to receive the vaccine you can call 310-268-4900. To be eligible to receive the vaccine, you must be enrolled in the V.A. system

Northrop Grumman Military University

Northrop Grumman Military University setting the stage for 2021 to assist in getting you a potential rewarding career opportunity in the Aerospace and Defense Industry through education and it’s No Charge to Qualifying Candidates. So, looking for a new career, this is for you. More information please contact Kevin Sanders, your Northrop Grumman Representative