77th Annual Miss Antelope Valley Pageant at the AV Fairgrounds. There were six beautiful contestants in the running for the 2023-2024 Miss Antelope Valley Crown currently held by the beautiful Ms. Jade Diaz.

Assemblyman Tom Lackey and Representative Juan Blanco, for Assemblyman Juan Carrillo were there to honor Miss Diaz for her time as Miss Antelope Valley. Coffee4VETS BOD’s Tony Tortolano, VP and Atherine Blanco, Secretary also came out in support as Miss Diaz often visited our Breakfast programs and volunteered for our community events…

Miss Diaz has now pass the crown to the new Miss Antelope Valley, Miss Lyn’Aya Gipson of Rancho Vista. Big Congratulations to Ms. Gipson and her parents on a job well done.

The ballroom was filled with many Queens and their very proud parents.

We were very happy to be apart of this great event. Good showing of community support for the pageant.