COFFEE4VETS on Veterans Day at Field of Healing and Honor at Pelona Vista Park, Palmdale.

Coffee4VETS Dedicated to Senior Veterans – In Memory and In Honor to them, both the Living, the Dead, the Fallen – the organization that honors our elder veterans weekly dedicated flags in their names at the Field of Healing and Honor for Veterans Day 2020. We could not name everyone, but we tried to honor as many as possible, owing to the action of the Board of Directors, and our Host, Jin Hur, of Crazy Otto’s – home of the weekly Coffee4Vets gathering, returning as soon as we are all safe!

Flags named in Honor of:

Lt. Gwendolyn Bolden, U.S. Navy. Korean War Era

Bishop Henry Hearns, Sergeant U.S. Army, Korean War

Jerry Lawrence, U. S. Marine Corps, Southeast Asia

Ed Galindo, U.S. Air Force Airman, Korean War

Walter Sapp, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Coast Guard, Vietnam

Fred Barthe, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Coast Guard, Korean War

Art Ray, U.S. Navy, 3rd Class – World War II, D-Day, Tokyo Bay

Dean E. Murphree, U.S. Air Force, Staff Sergeant E5

Andy K. Giest, Sergeant U.S. Air Force

Jared Williams, Fireman – Contra Costa Fire

James Baker, Gunnery Sergeant U.S. Marine Corps, Gulf War

Waddell Moore, Master Sergeant – U.S. Marine Corps

LCpl Craig Hansen, U.S. Marine Corps

Ken Brazelton, U.S. Army Specialist E4

Robert D. Shackelford, U.S. Army

Jeremiah B. Williams – Law Enforcement Los Angeles

Robert Pelayo U.S. Marine Corps – Sergeant E-5

Jerral Hancock, U.S. Army –1st Cav, Iraq War, Purple Heart

Montfort Point Marines – First Black Marines Corps, WWII

Leonard Thornton, Master Sergeant U.S. Marine Corps, Korean War Era, Vietnam

R. Lee Ermey – Marine, Vietnam

Blanco Family Members:

Thomas Blanco Sr. U.S. Army PFC – Father

Juan Blanco, U.S. Army SP4 – 8TH Infantry

Nathan Blanco, U.S. Army Ranger – Brother

Thomas Blanco, Jr U.S. Army PFC Paratrooper – Brother

Atherine Shackelford, Registered Nurse, MSN – Daughter

Captain Lamar Davis, U.S. Army – Cousin

Robert Miller – U.S. Army – Brother-in-law

Dr. Taha Mansoor Ahmad MD